AWS MASTERCLASS: Monitoring DevOps with AWS CloudWatch

Our AWS Server Monitoring with CloudWatch Course is here to teach you all about CloudWatch, the monitoring and alerting service that is offered by AWS.

Our course will teach you about how CloudWatch integrates with other Amazon Web Services such as EBS, EC2, RDS, ELB and much more.

This course is ideal for IT Architects, Software / Network Engineers, IT Administrators, or anyone else working in technology who is looking to utilise cloud computing in their company and improve their skills.

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Course Objectives:

  • Get a great understanding of how you can keep a close eye on AWS infrastructure you have using AWS CloudWatch.
  • Master various alerting and monitoring services available from AWS
  • Learn about various AWS services like EC2, RDS, EBS, ELB which AWS CloudWatch can monitor
  • Learn how you can use AWS SNS to send notifications
  • Get a deep understanding about how to monitor your AWS billing and costs

This course is over 4 hours long and includes over 8 in depth chapters covering everything to do with AWS, Monitoring and Alerting Services in AWS, CloudWatch, and much more! You get 12 months full access to the course.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Course overview
  • Get ready for AWS monitoring and alerting
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Benefits of AWS cloud
  • Who is using AWS? and Why?
  • Services provided by AWS
  • Services provided by AWS conti…
  • AWS – a leading cloud platform
  • Understanding monitoring and alerting services on AWS
  • AWS monitoring overview
  • What can be monitor on AWS?
  • AWS metrics
  • What is AWS CloudWatch?
  • Introduction to AWS CloudWatch
  • Monitoring metrics via AWS CloudWatch
  • Introduction to AWS SNS
  • AWS CloudWatch deep dive
  • AWS CloudWatch dashboards
  • AWS CloudWatch alarms
  • AWS CloudWatch features
  • Introduction to monitoring and alerting for AWS EC2
  • Monitoring AWS EC2 instances
  • AWS EC2 and AWS CloudWatch alarms
  • AWS EC2 system checks and metrics
  • Custom metrics for AWS EC2
  • Push custom metrics from AWS EC2 to AWS CloudWatch
  • Introduction to AWS Elastic Block Store service
  • AWS EBS volume types
  • Monitoring AWS EBS volumes
  • Introduction to monitoring and alerting for AWS RDS
  • Monitoring AWS RDS metrics
  • AWS RDS events
  • Introduction to monitoring and alerting for AWS ELB
  • Deploy AWS ELB
  • AWS ELB metrics
  • Monitor AWS ELB metrics
  • Monitoring and alerting for AWS billing and costs
  • Monitor AWS billing
  • Receive AWS billing reports

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